Welcome to the CORAL Lab!

We are a clinical practice research lab that supports both families and current/future practitioners who struggle with navigating multiple systems in service of helping children with language and literacy disorders. We seek to provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and support to improve language and literacy development for all children.

Unlike traditional research methods, we engage with all relevant stakeholders throughout the entire research process. This includes caregivers, people with communication disorders, speech language pathologists, educators, school administrators, community members, policy makers, and others. We recognize that local contextual factors must be considered for successful and sustainable outcomes.

Our Mission

To find tailored, sustainable solutions for children with speech and language difficulties, while supporting and empowering families, educators, and SLPs to be part of achieving this goal.

Our Vision

To support children, their families, educators, and SLPs to live empowered and fulfilled lives.

Our Values


We believe in finding feasible and tailored solutions that are rooted in scientific evidence and centered on the voices of those who need them.


Our passion is to help people and to empower them to help themselves and others by building their capacity.

Genuine Connection

We believe in building genuine connections through communication, collaboration, and compassion.

Continuous Growth

We believe in the iterative process, and thrive to continuously learn and grow driven by curiosity and creativity.

Feeling Valued

We want to create a world where everybody feels valued, empowered, and ultimately happy and fulfilled.

Our Goals


Advance the understanding of comprehension models of language and reading to improve assessments and interventions.


Build community partnerships with relevant stakeholders to produce context-driven solutions for children and their families.


Create public-facing communication to promote the implementation of quality language and literacy practices in our local communities and beyond.